My name is Ruari but everyone calls me Ru. I’m a Scottish he/him living in London. My experience so far is working at agencies, start-ups and tech companies like Stability AI, Snap Inc. and Samsung. Having been in roles like Head of Design to an individual contributor.

You can call me a Product designer. In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with typography, animation and brand design. Like working on brands such as Poolsuite and Vacation Inc. I also experiment with software engineering, creating little apps for me to better use AI models.

Overview of my career

Currently working at Stability AI on generative AI (image, language, animation and my fav music). This has been a huge learning curve on understanding the world of AI

(2021-22. Snap Inc.)
My role at Snap Inc. sees me leading product design and brand on music creation app, Voisey; the world’s first short music platform. I work closely with a team of project managers, engineers, content strategists to build a unique and engaging music creation and collaboration tool for a global audience.

(2019-21. Own Agency)
I was self-employed, predominately leading design at Nude Finance – a fintech bank enabling first-time buyers to reach their property goals in less time. Leading on brand and product, I was responsible for the overall design approach, as well as the technological innovation, creation of features and tools (time to buy calc.) that helped users get to their goals even quicker.

(2018-19. Samsung)
Samsung; designing and innovating the flagship mobile phones and domestic appliances.

(2014-18. Agency)
Agency work; web and brand projects for clients like Disney, SSE, Malmaison and Vitality.

Website Design

AI projects



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